57  The PMHNP is performing an emergency assessment on Renee,

57  <br/>The PMHNP is performing an emergency assessment on Renee,

a 9-year-old girl who was initially brought to the attention of social services by her maternal grandmother. Renee is reluctant to talk about herself or her home life. The physical examination that accompanied this emergency assessment revealed a variety of ecchymoses in various stages of healing, and the examiner was suspicious that there was a history of sexual abuse. Renee is quiet and passive during the interview, but is rather aggressive when playing with dolls. While considering the need for removal from the home, the PMHNP knows that all the following are risk factors for predictors of further abuse and maltreatment except:

A. Neglect as the form of maltreatment
B. Parental conflict
C. Number of previous episodes
D. Gender of the victim

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