75 The PMHNP is treating Pam, a 13-year-old female

75 The PMHNP is treating Pam, a 13-year-old female, for moderate-to-severe

major depressive disorder. In addition to cognitive behavioral therapy, the PMHNP discusses with the patient and her father the plan to begin sertraline, 50 mg daily, then titrate the dose up when tolerance is established. Pam’s father has researched this medication and is concerned because he read about the risk of increased suicidal ideation. The most appropriate response is to tell Pam’s father that:

A. His research is correct and they can use another drug class if he is more comfortable with that
B. The risk is actually decreased when sertraline is used with cognitive behavioral therapy
C. More recent research suggests that this is not accurate and that treatment actually decreases risk of suicide
D. Sertraline is the only drug in its class indicated for adolescents and it does not carry this risk

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