Application: Diagnosis of "Mary Jane"Seneca the Elder wrote early

Application: Diagnosis of “Mary Jane”<br/>Seneca the Elder wrote early

in the Common Era that “Drunkenness is nothing but voluntary madness.” In this Application, you will address a case study, give a diagnosis, and consider intervention and treatment.
To prepare:
-Review this week’s Learning Resources.Review the case study of “Mary Jane” from the course media titled “Therapeutic Journeys, Exploring Choice. Series One: Alcohol &amp; Drug Counselling Skills.” The assignment:
-Briefly summarize the case.
-Construct and explain your diagnosis. Provide specific supporting information from the DSM and include necessary specifiers.
-Describe additional information that might be significant to the assessment, treatment, and welfare of the client.
-Briefly describe the interventions you would recommend and explain why you would make these recommendations.

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