As stated in a previous Assignment, argumentation is an ongoing process

As stated in a previous Assignment, argumentation is an ongoing process.

Even when you have refined your thinking to take into account fallacies and other points of view, sometimes unforeseen events can demand an even newer way of thinking. This, in turn, requires its own reasoning, based on the evidence. Being creative does not mean discovering ways to do business on the moon; it may be a simple solution that goes beyond the standard thinking of an organization. For your final adaptation of your Critical Thinking in Action Project, you will propose a new solution to a drastic situation and combine your insights throughout the weeks into a single argument and presentation for your selected company.

Task 1: I have chosen ExtraVert

Manager Michael Lee Ray is the center of controversy yet again after e-mailing the following message to Tokyo manager Ichi Kakihara:

Hey Itchy,
Glad to see you fellows are finally on board. Too much sake, huh? Anyway, if you haven’t heard, the Danvers Company is looking to launch its new spring line, and it’s going to be a joint effort between the offices. Get with my secretary as soon as possible, and she’ll set up a time for us to meet. Don’t forget the sake!
Lee Ray has been formally reprimanded, but Kakihara showed the e-mail to members of the Tokyo branch who feel that they, too, were being mocked. They demand an apology before they will consent to work with Lee Ray. Management does not want the Danvers Company to become aware of this infighting, so it must be resolved quickly.

Refer to the previous display on ExtraVert that I have selected and take some time to review the information. Given specific new information for your chosen scenario write a 1-page paper that proposes a creative solution that can be logically defended, similar in structure of an argument.

Task 2: To summarize this project, write a 2- to 3-page paper that will argue for a solution to present to your client company based on all the lessons learned in the course. The solution will reflect a resistance to logical fallacies and a fair treatment of other points of view. The paper will consider the value of a creative solution as well as the possible ethical consequences of that solution. The paper will conclude with an evaluation of the solution in light of the problem and purpose of the argument.

Task 3: Finally, you will also create a 3- to 5-slide PowerPoint presentation to use when you present your solution to your client

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