attach is the specific area of concern. need clarification of these areas

attach is the specific area of concern. need clarification of these areas. please check

ASSIGNMENT #4: Young and Middle AdulthoodWatch as three adults talk about their experiencesduring middle adulthood. As you watch, refect on howeach individual has experienced generativity and FoundmeaningFulness in his or her liFe.Watch the video (link is below).Queston 1: The frst woman shown in the video describes her liFe in termsoF communion, or caring For others. Defne communion, and provide anexample. How does her descrip±on oF her liFe show con±nuity across theliFe span?Question 2: How does the man, shown second in thevideo, show evidence For the three adaptive processesidenti±ed by liFe span theorists (i.e., growth,maintenance, and regulation oF loss)?Queston 3. How does the third woman shown in the video display herFeelings oF genera±vity? How does her experience add to ourunderstanding oF genera±vity in middle adulthood?Queston 4.Contact your own parents, iF possible, and ask about theirexperience during middle age (you can also do personal re²ec±on iF thisapplies). List three ques±ons that you might ask to help them re²ect ontheir lives, perhaps in new ways, and with a³en±on to the key conceptsraised in Chapter 13.Queston 5. Using Erikson’s theory oF psychosocial development as atheore±cal Framework, describe how you imagine your ac±vi±es andpriori±es are likely to change over the course oF the next 20 to 30 years. Besure to consider your prior experiences as predictors oF your Future,recognizing, oF course, that the predic±on isn’t perFect.
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