Explain Internet Concepts

Please answer the following questions and save them to a Word document:

1. Internet Protocol (IP) datagrams may arrive in a seemingly random order of chunks that the receiving IP entity must continuously collect until it can reconstruct the original datagram. Consider that the receiving IP entity possesses a buffer for assembling the original datagram’s data field. The buffer will comprise of chunks of data and “holes” between them corresponding to data not yet received.

a. Describe an algorithm in pseudocode, prose, graphical, or any other representation, to collect and reconstruct the original datagram’s data field based on this concept.

b. Describe a simple mechanism for the tracking, management, and manipulation of the “holes” between data chunks.

2. Answer the following questions related to UDP:

a. What features does UDP provide that are not provided by IP?

b. Provide an example of when UDP should not be used.

c. Describe a scenario when UDP should be utilized.

3. Consider the scenario where you are configuring a new remote office for your organization. Describe and justify the network topology you would utilize, including any infrastructure and services. Discuss the network protocols you would utilize throughout its implementation assuming a proprietary collaborative system, which includes file-sharing and video conferencing capabilities, is utilized internally and must be supported by your team.

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