Gregory is a middle-aged veteran participant in a group

Gregory is a middle-aged veteran participant in a group led by the

PMHNP. Since Gregory has been attending group, he frequently interrupts others and seems to take much of the group time for himself. The PMHNP identifies Gregory as a monopolist and confronts him. She explains that she does not want him to talk less; instead, she actually encourages him to talk more. What is the likely cause of the PMHNP’s explanation?
1.     It is likely that Gregory has PTSD, and the PMHNP does not want to trigger feelings of anger that could be caused by grief.
2.     Gregory is not yet in a stage where he is able to cope with disappointment, so the PMHNP had to retract her statement and will revisit the situation at a later time.
3.     The PMHNP wants Gregory to think about why he fears the thought of silence, and she encourages him to talk more to the people who have prompted that fear.
4.     Though Gregory talks a lot, his conversation is rarely meaningful. The PMHNP encourages Gregory to talk for more than the purpose of entertainment and/or attention.

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