COMM 1004 Week 3 Assignment: Interpersonal InterviewWhen you read the synopsis of a story on the back cover of a book, how much can you accurately predictabout the entire book? The book cover is meant to give a few important or interesting details about thewhole to make the reader want to know more. In the same way, an introduction to a new person or thebrief post you made to the Class Café is like the synopsis on your own personal book cover. It gave asnapshot of what you wanted others to perceive about you in a few interesting or important facts. ThisApplication gives you the opportunity to test your perceptions of someone in your life who you do notknow very well by learning more about them in an interview. Afterward, you will analyze how much ofyour initial judgments were accurate and what changes you may make in your perception once you haveengaged more with someone else’s “self.” If the saying is correct, then you will find you “cannot judge abook by its cover.”To Prepare for this Assignment:Read Chapters 2 and 3 inUnderstanding Interpersonal Communication: Making Choices inChanging Times.Read Chapters 11, 14, and 16 inComposing Relationships: Communication in Everyday Life.Think about people in your life whom you do not know very well. It could be someone yousee (or communicate with electronically) almost every day for years, but you never really got toknow them. The likely candidate might be at your place of work, a neighbor, or someone atchurch.Just make sure you choose someone whom you do not know a lot about already. Youmay also choose to try and connect with one of your classmates in this class. Read through theClass Café bios and then email a fellow classmate to see if he or she might be interested ininterviewing each other.Review the Required Interview Questions listed below and located in the Doc Sharing for fivebeginning questions to ask your interviewee.To Complete the Assignment:1.Contact your interviewee and set up a time to do the interview. The interview can be done face-to-face, over the phone, or via email.2.Devise five more questions (use the 5 required first) to ask in the interview so that you ask tenquestions in total. Make sure your questions are open-ended (in other words can’t be answeredwith just a “yes” or “no” or other one word answer).3.If you do a face-to-face or phone interview, determine some way to record the interview. Youcould actually audio or video record the interview, or be ready to take detailed notes as you askyour interviewee questions.4.Compose a 2- to 5-page paper in which you evaluate the interview you had with your intervieweeand your resulting perceptions about the person and the interview as a whole. In the paper,please do the following:a.Write a clear introduction where you ease the reader into the topic of the paper, provide aclear thesis for the topic of the paper, and preview the main points you will have in the
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paper. Please see the document called “How to Write an Introduction” located in theDoc Sharing area for help in writing this introduction.b.You will have 3 main points in this paper. In main point #1, you should introduce theperson you chose to interview.Give a brief background explaining how you know this person, what you knewabout them before the interview, and why you chose to interview him or her forthis assignment. If you are interviewing a fellow classmate, your informationmay come from their Class Café bio or other information they revealed indiscussions.Also, give a brief description of your perception of the person before theinterview. Were there stereotypes you had about the person, or inferences youhad made about the person?This main point should be one paragraph long with 200-400 words.c.In main point #2, you are discussing the format of the interview and how that affectedyour perception. You should address these issues:Which format (face-to-face, phone, email) did you choose to communicate withyour interviewee? Why did you select that format?Did the format affect your perception of your interviewee? How so?If you did not meet face-to-face, do you believe the information you gained fromthe interviewee would have been different if you had been physically sittingacross from one another? Why or why not? If you did meet face-to-face, howmight the interview have been different if you had done it via phone or email?At some point in this main point, you need to“apply” at least one termfromchapters 2 or 3 in the Understanding Interpersonal Communication textbook.Use the “How to Apply Terms” document located in the Doc Sharing area of theclassroom to help you apply a term. Remember, when you “apply” a term, itneeds to support something you are talking about in the paper. It should not justbe thrown into the paper to meet this requirement.This main point should be one paragraph with 300-500 words.d.In main point #3, you will analyze the kind of information you learned in the interviewand discuss how that affected your perception. In this main point, you should addressthese issues:What questions did you choose to add to the interview questionnaire and why? Inother words, what kind of interpersonal information were you hoping to learn byasking these questions?
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