I feel so foolish to think about how giddy we felt imagining what Maria's life would be like once she was married."


I feel so foolish to think about how giddy we felt imagining what Maria’s life would be like once she was married.”

What does the quote show about Emilia from “Emilia’s Lament”?
Question 5 options:
It shows Emilia’s fondness for anything having to do with marriage
It shows Emilia’s love for her sister
It shows the sadness Emilia always felt about marriage
It shows how Emilia’s feelings have changed
Question 6(5 points)
Define the bolded word:
The detective novel was hard to follow because of the complexities in the plot.
Question 6 options:
an event causing great sadness or suffering; a work of literature with a sad ending
hurt someone you care about by breaking the person’s trust
the way in which pieces are put together or arranged
parts of something that are hard to understand
Question 7(5 points)
Which element of a sonnet does this excerpt show?
Like to the lark at break of day arising
Question 7 options:
Iambic Pentameter
Question 8(5 points)
What is Prince Hamlet devoted to throughout the play?
Question 8 options:
Prince Hamlet is devoted to avenging his father’s death.
Prince Hamlet is devoted to becoming wealthy.
Prince Hamlet is devoted to becoming king.
Prince Hamlet is devoted to bringing great change to the kingdom.
Question 9(5 points)
Why do we read literature? Choose the best answer as it relates to what you learned in the course.
Question 9 options:
Because it is the only way to learn about ourselves
Because we have to
It’s how we communicate
It tells us about what it’s like to be human.
Question 10(5 points)
What causes the speaker of Sonnet 29 to feel like a “lark at break of day” ?
Question 10 options:
Thinking of his sweet love
Flashbacks of times with his family
His thinking of his good fortune and wealth
Reminiscing of the “good ole days”
Question 11(5 points)
Fill in the blank: Which connecting word or phrase best fits the sentence below?
Emilia had to marry a man she had never met. __________, she was feeling nervous.
Question 11 options:
As a result
Question 12(5 points)
What are Hamlet’s contemplations perhaps a foretelling of?
Question 12 options:
His contemplations are perhaps a foretelling of madness.
His contemplations foretells the death of his uncle
His contemplations foretells his anger toward the king and queen
His contemplations are perhaps a foretelling of his vengeance.
Question 13(5 points)
Finish the sentence:
The tone of a text expresses the author’s…
Question 13 options:
argument and how he/she appeals to the audience
love and human emotions
attitude toward a subject, a character or person, or an audience
reason for writing a work of literature
Question 14(5 points)
When and where was writing developed?
Question 14 options:
100 centuries ago in Egypt
3000 B.C., the Sumerian civilization
3000 A.D., Spain
2000 BC among Arawak Indians
Question 15(5 points)
Shakespeare shortened some words in his sonnets such as “featur’d” and “remember’d” in order to do what?
Question 15 options:
make readers laugh
make things easier to understand
fit the meter
shorten the piece
Question 16(5 points)
“This gentle and unforced accord of Hamlet / Sits smiling to my heart…”
What is the meaning of the bolded word in the quote?
Question 16 options:
Question 17(5 points)
What is a group of words that act like adverbs to show direction, location, or time?
Question 17 options:
Prepositional phrase
Noun Phrase
Adverbial phrase
Adverbial clause
Question 18(5 points)
What is one of the earliest forms of writing?
Question 18 options:
Question 19(5 points)
In an English or Shakespearean sonnet, a speaker presents a solution in what section of the sonnet?
Question 19 options:
In the final couplet
In the first three quatrains
In the final verse
In the last line
Question 20(5 points)
I hung my head in disgrace when I missed the winning shot.
Define the bolded word.
Question 20 options:
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