I need assistance with the following information listed below. Thank you in advance!

I need assistance with the following information listed below. Thank you in advance!

Words have power to shape people’s perceptions. There are several million words in the English language and each takes a different shape in the human mind, stimulating various emotions. When laced together to create sentences and paragraphs, words can shape worlds. Language can be built on metaphor, which in turn is based on emotion. This will allow you to practice instilling emotion into your words.

Review the web article by Clark, called “50 Trigger Words and Phrases for Powerful Multimedia Content,”. Assume you have been tasked with writing a brief memo to your staff about issues concerning computer usage. Computer logs show that an excessive amount of time is being spent sending personal e-mails, surfing the Internet, and visiting social networking sites. You will compose this memo twice. In your word selection, use the “Health and Hope” approach first and second use the “Betrayal and Revenge” emotional group (both are described in the Clark article). I need help with both memos as part of my original post.

When I formulate my initial posting, conduct additional research, and contemplate the following statements and questions about arguments and emotion. Incorporate them into your writing as you formulate your memos. Evidence of your reasoning will be a component of your weekly grade.

-What are the risks of word choice in e-mail? How can e-mail be misinterpreted?

-How can you use language to reach a specific audience, i.e., women over 60?

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