I need help with following paper. In the book, The Conflict Resolution

I need help with following paper. In the book, The Conflict Resolution

Toolbox, discusses eight models of Conflict Management that are useful in various types of scenarios. We have already reviewed a few and for this paper you will examine the others in light of a conflict you have directly experienced either professionally or personally.

I’m needing you to think about a situation you experienced where there was conflict. Then, evaluate each of the suggested models as a potential framework to resolve the conflict you experienced. Please read over an overview of each of the eight models to get a synopsis each of the models and how they might apply to your conflict situation. To effectively select a model, you will need to be familiar with the details of each, so you also will need to read information pertaining to the models you think are most applicable to your situation and complete additional research using other resources.
Finally, select the model you think would have been most useful in producing a positive outcome to the situation you identified.

Post a cohesive response that addresses the following:

-A description of the conflict you experienced and what resulted, keeping organizations and individual identities confidential and making sure you provide your analysis of the situation that led to the conflict.
-Your reasoning in selecting a particular model from your readings that you think would have produced a better outcome.
– A description of how you would have applied the model of the situation, with specific details and the outcomes you anticipate would have resulted had the model been applied.
-Your assessment of the importance of carefully analyzing situations where there is potential for conflict and selecting the most appropriate model for resolving them. What take-aways do you think are most important as you plan for your future as a manager?

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