I need help with the following scenario.

I need help with the following scenario.<br/><br/><br/>The statement

âbusiness is businessâ has often been used to minimize cold-hearted or unethical behavior. It implies that what may be right is not always profitable. Should there be a separation between ethics and businessâeven when being ethical may put your company or yourself at a disadvantage? After reading this case study âThe CEOâs Private Investigationâ This article presents the story of a new CEO who has just inherited the reins from a well-loved, but possibly corrupt predecessor. The story involves the new CEOâs struggling with whether or not to launch an internal investigation of possible corruption. Several experts in the field offer their opinion following the story.
Reflect on the following:

-Which of the experts most closely follows your reasoning? Why?

– Think about your views on ethics in the workplace. Are they similar to what is expressed by the experts? How so?

Based on those thoughts, consider the following scenario:
Super Bugs are the latest craze in the action-figure universe. The toyâs manufacturer, Blinko, Inc., has launched several variations of the characters, all with great success. The latest Super Bug figures feature fully opposable joints, and a multimillion-dollar advertising campaign (featuring the Super Bugs in all manner of poses) has already hit the airways. Anticipation is high, and several fast-food chains are considering using smaller versions to include as toys in their childrenâs meals.
Just a week before the scheduled release of Super Bugs a technician brings to light a previously undisclosed report that some pieces of the Super Bugs can be pulled apart after a certain amount of wear and tear. The report cautions that the figuresâ heads, wings, and limbs pose a choking hazard to young children. The figure is marketed to children ages 5 and up, and a choking warning is already listed on the box because of the smaller accessories included with each figure.
You have been called to an emergency meeting to discuss the situation.

– What you believe to be the best course of action for Blinko, Inc., and why. How should ethics factor into managerial decisions?

-When might ethics conflict with a companyâs profitability or production?

-When ethics and profitability are mutually exclusive, which one should be followed? Are there ever exceptions? Explain your reasoning.

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