I've attached a paper I completed with references and a list of references from the teacher you can use

I’ve attached a paper I completed with references and a list of references from the teacher you can use.

Submit by Day 7 an annotated bibliography that includes the following:

  • At least one resource from each of the following categories:
    • Culture-specific information about your own culture
    • Articles about a tradition, value, or belief of your culture
    • Articles about communicating and interacting effectively across cultures
    • A web portal with a broad offering of links to websites with information about other cultures
    • Cultural quizzes or self-assessments
  • Each entry should document:
    • APA citation of the resource
    • Key  ideas from the resource including how the source is helpful in building  cultural competence and how you might use this resource in your Final Project

The Intersec±ons of LifeThe Intersections of LifeKyeda WebbWalden University1
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The Intersec±ons of LifeGrowing up in a single family home wasn’t hard in my eyes. That’s because my mothermade sure my twin brother and I main focus was the Lord, school and being kids. I alwaysattended church and always engaged in extracurricular activities. I might not have hadeverything I wanted, but I sure did have everything I needed. Every summer my mother, who isan educator, always made time for a family vacation. Traveling was the norm, and this openedmy eyes to new things, new experiences and meeting different people. I didn’t attend myneighborhood school; I attended school outside my county where it was more diverse. Thisallowed me to interact with people of different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds and to thisday, most of us stay in contact thanks to Facebook. My sport of choice growing up wasbasketball because of this I traveled a lot playing games attended many camps meetingdifferent people of all backgrounds. All of this has helped me grow into a mature young womanwho has been able to interact with various people from all walks of life. I appreciate mymother, I know it wasn’t easy raising twins on her own, and she manage to do it effortlessly.Her drive to keep me grounded and engaged keeps me going as a single mother. Herperseverance to continue going to school getting her Doctoral in Education has encouraged meto go back to school to pursue my education so that I can better provide for my children.Keeping me involved in the church has kept me grounded and humble through all of my life’sexperiences. I know that God won’t put anything on me that I couldn’t bear. If I feel like I can’t2
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