managerial accounting

Hi, I have a test regarding my managerial accounting and I have the following questions 

4- The methods to approximate cost functions are not ________; managers frequently use two or more together to avoid ________ in measuring cost behavior.

A.mutually exclusive; errors                B. similar; duplication               C. complementary; errors                   D. the same; duplication

5- Which of the following is an example of using cost information for operational control?A. selection of value minus‚ąíchain function to emphasize in corporate mission

B. evaluation of process improvement efforts in a manufacturing process C. determination of Cost of Goods Sold for the income statement D. identification of capital assets to acquire for expansion purposes

6-The statement of financial position is also called the ________.
A. statement of cash flows                                                                     B. balance sheet C. statement of retained earnings                                                          D. income statement

7- The acquisition of inventory on account will ________.

A.increase assets and increase liabilities
B.decrease assets and decrease liabilitiesC. increase assets and decrease stockholders’ equityD. increase assets and increase stockholders’ equity

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