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Assignment  Title: Water management has extraordinary implications for the health of a  community (potable water), agriculture and ecological health. To  complete this assignment, choose a location where water allocation is an  issue.  Lake Lanier, GA, water resources in Israel and West Bank, or  any appropriate cite is acceptable. Prepare a short paper (about 300  words) on the major issues surrounding the allocation of water in your  chosen location and the impact of water on public health. Be sure to  include relevant data and citations as appropriate.   this is what I wrote ;  Jordan has one of the lowest levels of water availability per capita in  the world (1). The continues wares in the middles east and with the  refugees fleeing to Jordan adding a dramatic population increase, and  the population expected to double by 2047, meeting water demand has  become even more critical. The U.S has been partnering with the  Jordanian government in many programs to resolving the water shortage in  the country.   Since the 1950’s the USAID/Jordan programs were focusing on  infrastructure, expanding and rehabilitating water supply systems  (wells, cisterns, springs, irrigation canals), and training hundreds of  water experts. In the present time the USAID built and renovated several  water networks and wastewater treatment plants, and supported a  desalination plant near the Dead Sea to provide additional drinking  water to over one million of Amman’s residents (1). One of the largest  agricultural and ecological health challenges that Jordan faces today is  the inadequacy of water. Definitely, water is the significant feature  in the population/resource equation where water resources in Jordan are  limited and the country′s population has continued to rise (2). A high  rate of natural population growth, combined with massive influxes of  refugees, has transformed into an imbalance condition between population  and water (2). Jordan is the third-driest country in the world, and  more than 600,000 Syrian refugees are now living there alongside their  Jordanian neighbors (3). There simply isn’t enough water to go around, and people must ration  enough to use for drinking, bathing, and cooking. The lack of sufficient  water causes stress, serious health problems, and tension between  native Jordanians and Syrian refugees. Many international organizations  has been working closely with the local Jordanian agencies to rebuild  the aging water system so that both Jordanian and Syrian refugee  families have enough clean water to stay healthy. Water availability and quality is a major public health concern as the  adequacy and the condition of the water supplies plays a huge factor in  sanitation and disease controls. Worldwide public health concerns  related to fresh drinking water and its safety from toxic substances,  sanitation and accessibility (4). 1- https://www.usaid.gov/jordan/water-and-wastewater-infrastructure 2- https://www.researchgate.net/publication/222136110_Water_shortage_in_Jordan_-_Sustainable_solutions 3- https://www.mercycorps.org/articles/jordan-syria/qa-what-you-need-know-about-water-scarcity-jordan 4- http://panmore.com/water-supply-shortage-human-impact-public-health.  The professor said that this is poor paper for the assignment and it has  high plagiarism %  plagiarism free  ″

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