Question 37  Richard is an 11-year-old patient who has been hospitalized

Question 37  <br/>Richard is an 11-year-old patient who has been hospitalized

following a suicide attempt in which he mixed a variety of household cleansers and poisons and swallowed them. He has been medically cleared, and his initial psychiatric assessment reveals a preadolescent male who made this suicide attempt because he was so unhappy at school. His family recently moved from another part of the country and he started a new school. The other children have been bullying him, and he just decided it would be better to die. He has no siblings and no friends in this new town. Which additional findings during this assessment would prompt the PMHNP to suggest a psychiatric admission?

A. His mother has a history of severe post-partum depression
B. A finding of mild depression during this examination
C. Appreciable ambivalence about suicide
D. absence of any other psychiatric diagnoses

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