Question 38  During the initial interview with Lorraine

Question 38  <br/>During the initial interview with Lorraine, a 13-year-old

girl being evaluated for oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), the PMHNP does not appreciate any of the behavior that has been reported by Lorraine’s mother and teachers. Lorraine is found to be well groomed, appropriate in her interaction, and says she is not sure why she is there. Lorraine says that her parents and teachers say that she is always arguing and breaking the rules, but she does not really understand what the problem is. The PMHNP notes that:

A. He will need to have more information from adults who are not in frequent contact with Lorraine
B. This is common, as the symptoms are often only expressed to adults who know the child well.
C. ODD is episodic, and it is not unusual to have long symptom-free periods; a normal interview does not preclude diagnosis
D. The diagnosis should be reconsidered as it is almost impossible to have a diagnosis of ODD without the patient’s awareness of symptoms

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