Question 44  The PMHNP is evaluating a 15-year-old male patient

Question 44  <br/>The PMHNP is evaluating a 15-year-old male patient

who has been referred by his courtappointed guardian. He has been in foster care for the last 6 years and maintained a steady pattern of low-level behavior problems such as skipping school and ignoring curfew. He is not openly defiant and has always been described as a ―loner.‖ He just does not follow most rules. During the mental status examination, the PMHNP notes that his expressions are sometimes inconsistent with the topic of conversation, and he does not seem to be able to transition effectively among levels of emotion. This represents an abnormality in:

A. Mood
B. Affect
C. Thought process and content
D. Judgment and insight

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