Select a nursing journal that is peer reviewed (you may look in the Capella Library or online).

Health Care and Life SciencesThe Future of Nursing
As a nursing leader, it is important that you offer insights, leadership, and direction both in and outside of our profession. You will be the expert in many health care arenas and, as such, it is important to address the scope and practice that is nursing. Prepare a brief paper that may meet the guidelines from an editor of a current nursing journal. The article should be titled œWhere the Wind Blows. In this article, you may speak to at least one specific change to scope and practice in nursing that you have noticed since your graduation, and the progression of this important aspect applying evidence-based practice process.
To successfully complete this assignment, you are expected to:
¢ Write a paper set up as an article for a national nursing journal that addresses one currently evolving nursing health care issue.
o Select a nursing journal that is peer reviewed (you may look in the Capella Library or online).
o Look at the nursing journal editor™s guidelines for submitting an article. There will be guidelines for the title page, abstract, the body of the paper, and references. There will be a limitation of the number of words in the article, possibly making your paper less than 8-10 pages. You do not need to include graphs, pictures, and so forth.
o Choose a nursing journal that requires APA formatting.
¢ Identify and describe changes to the scope and practice of nursing that you have noticed.
¢ Discuss how nursing will evolve to meet the health care reformation guidelines in the next 10 years.
¢ Explain how these identified changes are reflected in the scope of your practice.
¢ In your paper, include evidence-based practice (EBP); technology and information systems; impact of organizational, socioeconomic, and political forces; and a global perspective.
o It is understood that it will be difficult to make your article a true EBP report as you will have no data to report. Please include statistical data from previous studies to support your projected outcomes. Your conclusions will be your own predictions for the future of nursing.
¢ Review for clarity, correct grammar, spelling, and APA style and formatting.
¢ Your presentation should be between 8 and 10 pages of content with a minimum of 4 peer-reviewed references. Include a title page and end-of-document reference section”similar to your selected journal submission requirements.


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