The PMHNP is having a family meeting with 8-year-old Hunter

The PMHNP is having a family meeting with 8-year-old Hunter and his

father and stepmother to discuss the results of his mathematics assessment. Analysis of his performance on the KeyMath Diagnostic Arithmetic Test reveals a performance markedly below what is expected for his age. Hunter’s mother feels certain that his poor performance is a result of poor education; apparently Hunter’s mother was homeschooling him, but subsequently she was found to be so neglectful of all of his needs that his father and stepmother were given full custody. When discussing the course and prognosis for Hunter’s mathematics disorder, the PMHNP advises that:

A. Compared to other learning disorders, mathematics disorder does not appear to depend on the amount or quality of instruction
B. Mathematics disorders are not stable over time, and early intervention may lead to improvement of skills
C. The remediation program will emphasize computational skills
D. Pharmacotherapy with remediation produces the best outcomes

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