The PMHNP is meeting with an adult woman and her father

The PMHNP is meeting with an adult woman and her father, who is 85

years old. The father stays quiet most of the session. The daughter explains he is mad at her for “bringing him to a see a shrink.” The daughter reports that things have been tense in the house since her father moved in. The father has a history of depression, though he does not take any medication for it. In addition, lately the father seems to never sleep. “I hear him rummaging around in the kitchen, the garage, the living room, at all hours of the night. Sometimes he’ll nap during the day, but not much. This is putting a strain on my marriage, because my husband can’t sleep with all of this going on.” Which therapeutic approach does the PMHNP identify as most appropriate for the 85- year-old father?
A. Cognitive behavioral therapy
B. Complementary and alternative therapies
C. Reminiscence and life review therapy
D. Interpersonal psychotherapy

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