The Pros and Cons of Globalization As the world continues

The Pros and Cons of Globalization<br/><br/> As the world continues

to become more interconnected, globalization remains a hotly debated topic. Some individuals view attempts to assist developing nations as disruptive to the natural order of things, whereas others argue that assistance does not go far enough.

For this Discussion, you will be “putting yourself in someone else’s shoes”—actually making a case for the opposite point of view. Begin by reviewing this week’s resources and media and by conducting additional research on the Internet. Assess the information, and determine your own point of view on the pros and cons of globalization. Do you think that globalization is beneficial for the world’s economies?

After determining your point of view on the issue of globalization, write your post in defense of the opposite point of view. For example, if you support globalization, you would cite reasons to oppose globalization in your post (i.e., taking the opposite point of view). Address the question listed above, and discuss the role of the World Bank, the WTO, and the IMF–continuing to present the point of view that is opposite of what you personally believe.

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